Meet The Wee Thing

Because when you need to go,
you need to go.

Remove The Wee Thing from its packaging and hold the device in place by squeezing it between your legs.

The wee is absorbed by a special, absorbent material.

No spills, no drips - no worries!

The Wee Thing can be disposed of and recycled easily. Job done!

Festival Wee Thing

Great for avoiding the smelly loo's or back at your tent

For a perfect way to avoid the queues for the smelly loo's or for when you need to go in your tent when its pitch black outside and you can't brave the dash to the toilets...... Coming soon for your next festival 

Travel Wee Thing

From hiking to long car journeys

Wether you're out on a nice walk through the countryside or on a car journey and not close to a services, we've got you covered........ Coming soon

Toddler Wee Thing

“I have to pee NOW!”, your toddler demands in an urgent voice. You look around you, but of course there is no toilet close by. The Wee Thing ™ helps you out at such a moment. The Wee Thing is a unique kind of portable potty that your toddler can squeeze between their legs when they need to wee. With your help holding it, or all by themselves.
When taking The Wee Thing ™ out of its packaging, which fits neatly in your pocket, you’ll notice it’s both sturdy as well as soft to the touch. Your toddler uses The Wee Thing ™ while standing up, while only partially lowering their undies. The Wee Thing ™ is designed to seal off the toddler’s wee bits, and the wee is directly absorbed by a special absorbent material. So there are no spills and no drips. When used, The Wee Thing ™ can easily be disposed of in any litter bin.

I want one

Right now we are at prototype stage, and we’re busy working behind the scenes to make The Wee Thing as perfect as possible for you all.

In summer 2019 once designs are completed, we’ll be looking to Crowdfund - this is where you come in! At this point there will be some fantastic offers for you to take advantage of before we release the real deal to the general public.

Discounted offers will be very limited, so please sign up to be among the first to receive updates, join us on our journey and get your hands on The Wee Thing!

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